Patch notesEdit

Features & ImprovementsEdit

  • Improved UI
  • Tactical UI when pressing space early concepty added! you can see hp of everyone, later you will be able to issue tactical commands to have very combat deep gameplay
  • Added new weapons: Flail : has passive bonus that causes aoe damage to the ships hull, Medicine Bottle throwable item that heals allies on impact
  • World Map shows in overlay explorer locations
  • Crew Menu has better seperator to help read stats
  • Current main mode renamed to hardcore & added new mode Princess Mode that wont delete any save files if you lose the game, hardcore mode will reset your save file and has aswell 400 starting gold in beggining.
  • Starting boost decreased!

Features & ImprovementsEdit

  • Fixed bug where ships of level 3 didnt have any hull
  • Fixed bug where chest would float if you plunder them before taking loot
  • Fixed UI bug where sometimes info bar would be below crew list blocking the display
  • Fixed few bugs in Arena Mode, works perfectly now!
  • Fixed bug where animals could have perk that paralyzes them
  • Fixed bug where ship generator could not spawn chests sometimes

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