The map icon for Towns.

Towns are one of the many locations that the player can visit. These towns include many different shops and features that aid the player in his or her journey. Some of the components in towns include Armories, Grocery Stores, Taverns, Sailing Stores, General Stores, Bounty Boards, and Libraries of Wisdom.

Various bits of town info of previously visited towns can be observed by hovering over the icon on the world map. A tooltip will appear which shows the town name, level, population, as well as the different features that town includes.

Town Names Edit

There are many different names that towns can spawn with. (This list is far from complete, you can help by adding to it) These names are, but not limited to:

  • BlackBetsey
  • DollerCorner
  • Notrees
  • Starbuckville
Daytime Town

An example of a town in daytime. (Rainy)

Example Town

An example of a town at night.

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